Social Enterprise Development

"I'd like to involve George on the business side as he can sniff out opportunities like a bloodhound." Martin, Citylife
"Many thanks George for your help and advice last week, it is much appreciated and has certainly helped me to keep a tighter focus on the issues surrounding Area formation. Thanks also for your offer of further help, we may well need it." Cam Cruse
"Thanks for all the good thinking and support." Bill, Social Enterprise Construction Company
"Best one-to-one tutorial I've ever had. Thanks George. Very motivating." Brian, Developing Social Enterprise
"You're a wizz, your help came at the right time, thank you so much." Sharon B
"Thank you for all your helpful advice last week!  We had the most fruitful and sensible committee meeting we've ever had as a result.  Everything you said was such good common sense, and it made us all focus clearly on what we want to do and why.  We've made some decisions about which projects we're going to go forward with, and we're going to think carefully about new venues and audiences." Cambridge Storytellers
"It was great meeting you and you have given us inspiration as we didn’t know these things existed." Eco-Friendships Community Interest Company
"Thank you very much for your time on Tuesday. I found our meeting to be very inspiring." Floyd Winters
"Firstly thank you for as usual an inspiring, reassuring and motivating meeting yesterday.  I really do find your advice, support and knowledge absolutely indispensable." Nik Wright, Wrightsbridge Ltd
"Once again thanks for all your support without that first coffee with you in the British Library I certainly wouldn't be as far along as I am now and for that I will always be in your debt." Nik Wright, Wrightsbridge Ltd
"I would like to thank you very much for your contribution to our event on the 2nd of February in Cambridge. Delegates who provided feedback on your workshop found it very useful." Béatrice Humarau, FERI (Regional Infrastructure) Project Manager
"We met last week and you gave me some good marketing advice to help me grow my health policy consulting business." Alexis Willett
"It was a pleasure to meet you yesterday and I thank you for your sound advice.  It was refreshing to speak with you and thanks too for your practical perspective on things, it has given me a great boost!" Xenia, eye4change
"First, thanks for coming to see Eileen last week - she is a lot happier now and has started putting some of your suggestions into place." Gill Hanby, Training & Development Officer, Hunts Forum
"As it's been several months since we met in London I thought you might like to know of the progress thats come from your support and good counsel." Molly Hayward, Rebecca Street
"Thanks for your support and enthusiasm George!" Jean-Baptiste Fourcade, PA & CCS Administrative Manager, University of Cambridge School of Clinical Medicine
"HMRC status through today. Aren’t you a wonder.Clare - Children for Health